Banish Cellulite Forever with Marini CelluliTx

Christy Elizabeth Mather

Posted on June 18 2018

Banish Cellulite Forever with Marini CelluliTx

Finally, there is a solution that actually works!  Over 17 years in the making, this hot new product is flying off the shelves. Ladies, let me introduce you to CelluliTx! Pronounce it like: CELLŪLĪ-TĒ-EX.  It's all the rage right now, because it does what it claims! 

What’s the deal with Cellulite?

True, over 90% of women have cellulite, still it remains one of our top concerns as women. I get it. We've been programed by media portrayals of the "ideal" body, or maybe we've heard friends and family insinuate that cellulite is ugly. Whatever the reason, it's undeniable that one of the most common beauty goals is still to get rid of cellulite.

It doesn't help our embarrassment over cellulite that Mayo Clinic recently listed cellulite as a "disease.”  It made my feel-beautiful-in-your-own-skin passionate self come unglued! Grant it, I'm sure there's a reason (hopefully!), but the "disease" label sure flies in the face of normal women feeling normal.

Here's the deal, science has proven that over 90% of women are affected by cellulite regardless of weight, age, or fitness. As we age the connective fibers in our skin lose their elasticity and act as anchors, creating pockets of fat and divots. Circulation also decreases (this too is a normal part of aging), and these tiny pockets become engorged.  Fat stored here is 40-80% water, versus 20% elsewhere else in the body, and this creates upward pressure on the skin, creating the bumpy orange-peel effect that we not-so-lovingly refer to as cellulite.

You are NORMAL!  I'll say it again.  You. Are. Normal. You are part of the 90% and your genetics predispose you to have cellulite. If cellulite on your body is something that embarrasses you though or holds you back from doing things you love (wearing short shorts, getting in the ocean with your kids, keeping the lights on...if you know what I mean), well, now thanks to the CelluliTx technology, you can do something about it!   

Introducing Marini CelluliTx!

Until today, there has been absolutely no treatment (surgical or topical) on the market that has proven to be effective against cellulite. CelluliTx has multiple active ingredients that address fat, collagen, circulation, inflammation, skin texture, water retention, and all of the factors that lead to cellulite – it's nothing like the gimmicky OTC coffee-bean, diuretic lotions that we’ve watched come and go over the years.

Here are a couple of before/after pictures from our initial study.  As you can see, this patient saw results at 2 weeks and no one can argue that at 4 weeks she has significant improvement!

Here’s another with cellulite that is marked by deep divots – the skin is looser and it takes a little longer for this patient to start seeing significant improvement – but she does!  

CelluliTx Jan Marini

How to use CelluliTx

It is simple to use and more importantly, you will see results quickly.  

Apply once daily for the first week, then increase usage as tolerated to two times daily – about a nickel-size dollop for both sides of the upper thigh and hip areas. If irritation occurs, decrease application frequency to allow the skin greater time to acclimate. The 4oz tube will last approx. 2 months. 

Does CelluliTx banish Cellulite permanently?

No. CelluliTx is not a cure, it is a corrective and maintenance product. Because cellulite is hereditary, it will come back when you discontinue treatment. To maintain your results, you will need to continue using the product as directed.

Can I get CelluliTx at Discount? 

Good question!  Here’s the deal… Jan Marini Skin Research works hard to maintain a level playing field for their venders and online pricing reflects MSRP without deviation. You will not find authentic products discounted on any online sales forum that is open to the public. If you do... think counterfeit / china / illegal / expired. 

That being said, you can join the Jan Marini VIP Club and get online access to huge savings on this product and all of the products from Jan Marin Skin Research. The Club maintains a proprietary price list for their clientele (never published online) and members are issued a private code to use at checkout. You can get more information HERE.

When will I see results from CelluliTx? 

After one week, you’ll see results. 

After two weeks, you’ll wish you’d taken before pictures so you can show your friends the difference – the results should be pretty good!

After 4 weeks, you’ll be showing offfor sure. Time to pull out your short shorts, and bikini because we think this game-changer product is going to give you a whole new confidence! 

We can’t make promises of course, but let me just say this, 100% of the women in our clinical trials experienced significant results using CelluliTx. That’s slightly unheard of, but like I said, this product – the brainchild of Jan Marini herself – has been in formulation for 17 years. Jan, once again, you have outdone yourself.

You can order CelluliTx HERE, or schedule a private consultation in our skincare studio.  And if you haven't already, don’t forget to sign up for the Jan Marini VIP Club!

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