The Science of Regeneration Booster

Sonya Lier

Posted on May 24 2018

The Science of Regeneration Booster

If you are like most of us, you have invested a lot of time and money in pursuit of a youthful complexion. What do you want and what can you realistically expect from your home care regimen? As it turns out…A LOT! Jan Marini Skin Research (JMSR) has taken anti-aging to a whole new level. Regeneration Booster utilizes a patented combination of cutting-edge anti-aging ingredients for maximum skin rejuvenation. 

This patented formulation is the ONLY product on the market to utilize cycloastrogenol topically. Subject of 2009 Nobel Prize winning research in physiology and medicine for discovery of the impact the telomerase enzyme has on the skin, when they saturated skin cells in the solution, the aging process stopped at the cellular level. The science behind our Regeneration Booster is phenomenal! 

Regeneration Booster boasts the most advanced technology on the market including Cycloastrogenol that provides immediate, progressive and dramatic results improving the appearance of the skin with regards to wrinkles, texture, elasticity, skin color, and overall skin quality.

Further information on Telomere Technology was featured in Skin Inc.’s Daily Newsletter. This article is a clear statement that this is cutting edge technology in the anti-aging or age management space. More info:

Another recent study published on February 6th of this year by scientists at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre highlighted our ability to trigger telomerase activation and elongation, thus reversing the signs of aging. As science has proven, lengthening of telomeres is an unmistakable sign of cell rejuvenation. “We have found that when you induce cell differ­entiation in an adult organism, the telomeres become longer, which is consistent with cellular rejuvenation” - María A. Blasco, head of CNIO Telomeres and Telomerase Group and leading author. The main conclusion of a study shows, for the first time, the reprogramming of living tissue results in telomerase activation and telomere elongation; thus reversing one of the hallmarks of aging: 'the presence of short telomeres'.

Although this study was just published, Regeneration Booster has had telomerase boosting technology as a keystone of its formula since its inception. A few reminders of our study published in the JDD in September 2014:  

Methods: A 3-month independent physician study using exclusively Regeneration Booster, a gentle cleanser, and sunscreen on 20 subjects ages 35-75. Conducted by Robert Weiss, MD, FAAD, FACPh, Board Certified Dermatologist, Past-President of American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, President-Elect of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.

Results: 100% of subjects noted improvement in at least 3 or more categories with an average improvement in 6.7 of 8 categories including: wrinkles, texture, pore size, elasticity, skin color/clarity, erythema, hydration, and overall skin quality.

  • 94% of subjects noted superior satisfaction in overall skin quality with 100% noting improvement from baseline
  • 100% of subjects noted positive user experience
  • Improvement was statistically significant for the appearance of wrinkles, texture, pore size, elasticity, skin clarity/uniformity, hydration, and overall satisfaction

Key Ingredients:

  • Cycloastragenol
  • TGF Beta-1 (Transforming Growth Factor/rh-Polypeptide-22)
  • Epidermal Growth Factor (sh-Oligopeptide-1)
  • Keratinocyte Growth Factor (sh-Polypeptide-3)
  • Anti-Aging Peptides
  • Green Tea Extract
  • CoEnzyme Q10
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Essential Fatty Acids


There is nothing that competes with Regeneration Booster.   This is a stand-alone product that will be worth it's weight in gold for those wishing to turn backache clock.  You don;'t have to look far to find stellar reviews on this product.  Here are a few people that will vouch for the superior results of Regeneration Booster.

    "I have had access to and used many different skin care products over my 30 years in working in dermatology and most recently in the age-management focused skin care industry. I have used Retin-A for many years and continue to do so. All that being said, Jan Marini's Age Intervention Regeneration Booster is the most outstanding product I have used. I have received more comments on how healthy and "good" my skin looks in the past month (since starting this product) than I have in years. I am 50-years-old. My skin looks healthier, the texture is smoother, hydrated and this gives a general "glow" to the skin that I have not seen with anything else. I intend to use the Booster as part of my daily skin care EVERYDAY . . . no breaks for me!!! This is a product well worth it's weight in gold. It does make a difference in your skin and I truly believe I am receiving benefit at the cellular level, not just extra hydration as one does with many products. I can't recommend this highly enough!!"

    Jan Pepper
    Tulsa, OK


    "I have been using Age Intervention Regeneration Booster for four weeks now and I've already noticed an AMAZING glow on my face! My skin is much plumper and fuller, and has a lot less wrinkles. I am 63-years-old and one of my clients asked me if I had a face lift! The hand that I use to apply Regeneration Booster looks completely different than my other hand, too. The skin tone on that hand is completely even toned and wrinkles are gone. All of my older clients are now buying Regeneration Booster because of MY incredible results!"

    Audrey Castelo
    Stockton, CA

    "In the 15 years I have been a Skin Care Professional, I have never tried a product like the Jan Marini Regeneration Booster! After using it for just 1 month I noticed my deeper facial lines and wrinkles disappearing and my skin appeared much plumper. Using the Age Intervention Booster with the Skin Care Management System, I now understand the value of this amazing Nobel winning technology and see why it compliments and accelerates the Skin to look it's BEST! I am hooked for life."

    Connie Velarde, Skin Care Professional
    Boulder Valley Facial Plastics, Office of Jeffrey Swail, MD
    Boulder, CO


    "After just one week of using Age Intervention Booster I honestly felt like I looked five years younger. My significant other even asked me what I was doing different with my skin because I looked so young. I love the Jan Marini line, and can't tell you how much better my skin looks since I started using it. And that extra boost you get from Age Intervention Booster just makes it all better."

    Samantha Aquilina
    Phoenix, AZ

    "We were very impressed by the results of our Regeneration Booster study. Subject satisfaction was very high with improvement visible after just 2 weeks of use and 100% of subjects noting improvement in multiple categories of aging skin. These results support Regeneration Booster’s use as an advanced anti-aging skincare solution."

    Robert Weiss, MD


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