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Christy Elizabeth Mather

Posted on April 20 2018

Todd & Christy Mather

Who are we? 

So glad you asked!  We are your Jan Marini Skincare Team! It's the best job ever - helping people turn back the clock with anti-aging skincare!  

 Mather Hair Design & Cosmetic Studio is proud to be the largest brick and mortar distributor of Jan Marini Skin Research products in the Midwest United States, located in the heartland of Oklahoma. 

In 2017 we pioneered a new idea to take the Jan Marini VIP Club National.  We wanted the same savings and special perks that our brick and mortar clients received to be available to everyone! It was a little bumpy getting off the ground, but with the help of the great folks at Jan Marini Corporate and a stellar website designer (Thanks, Amanda!) we had over 100 new clients our first month! And that was just the begining...  

In-store we have 10 licensed cosmetologists and estheticians, and 4 support staff that make the magic happen.  We love Jan Marini Skin Research and are proud to be platinum partners with them for over decade - working together to bring you the finest, most effective skincare available.

We love helping you with all your skincare needs and place high value on making each customer's experience amazing. We're here to serve YOU - our valued clients with the highest level of customer service possible.   


Christy Mather | Director 

Christy has worked in the skincare industry for over a decade, is professionally licensed and enjoys collaborating with industry professionals and image consultants around the country to bring quality products to the people who need them most.

Christy serves as a directing board-member of the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering, overseeing beauty industry standards, cosmetology technology, and beauty education. She has been influential in implementing programs that help curb human trafficking and rescue victims of abuse. 

She loves her family, her faith, and traveling.  She enjoys speaking on a wide variety of topics from marketing and business to authentic living and finding purpose in the mundane happenings of life. 


Linda Parker | Skincare Analyst 

In the early years of her career, Linda worked in various dermatology offices as a makeup artist. She then spent 20+ years traveling extensively throughout the United States for Estée Lauder with renowned makeup artists, including Trisha Sawyer. She became one of Estée Lauder's most celebrated Skincare Analysts, making the Top 10 List for their Prescriptives™ Line.

The advanced  skincare technology of Jan Marini Skin Research caught her attention in 2006, and in the best interest of her clientele, she resigned from Estée Lauder and align herself with the very best in anti-aging skincare. The same year, she reached out to Christy Mather to build a skincare boutique in Tulsa, OK that would offer the highest level of clinical support available to accommodate her clients. And the rest is history!     

Today Linda is as passionate as ever, doing what she truly loves – prescribing clinical skincare to a loyal and ever-growing clientele who adore her and trust her recommendations. Her expertise in the cosmetic industry along with her passionate belief that “natural beauty is achievable for every woman” has earned her the respect of countless women. 

Amanda Wilson | Online Sales & Customer Relations  

Amanda is our super-star customer relations specialist!  She has worked over a decade in customer service and has a degree in clinical psychology.  All the great reviews we get and the  "thank you" emails... have her name attached somewhere! She knows how to create a beautiful experience for everyone.

Amanda is single. So if you know of a great guy... ;)

Amanda answers your phone calls and emails, price-matches your coupon codes, prints labels, spoils our VIP clients across the nation... She makes sure your “liquid gold” arrives on time and is packaged perfectly. She’s the also the one responsible for the extra goodies that make their way into your orders and the turquoise ribbons and silver tissue paper that tie up the packages you receive. She is the master of details! 

Did i mention, Amanda is single? 

When she’s not beautifying packages and going the extra mile for customers, Amanda loves to relax at home home - watching reruns of Friends and This is Us. She is an avid animal lover and spoils her black lab, Emma like crazy.  

Todd Mather | Esthetician & Image Consultant 

For over 25 years, Todd has maintained industry-acclaimed excellence for quality cosmetology as he “brings to light your best features and empowers you with the styling secrets you need to look your best all of the time.”

Todd’s low-key personality and always on-fleek service are just part of the signature experience his clients have come to love. His eye for balance and face-flattering style has earned him the respect of countless professionals.  From media personalities to corporate CEO’s, he keeps them all cutting-edge and camera ready.

Outside of the salon, Todd enjoys spending time with his family, writing and recording music, and going off-road in his Jeep.

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